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Tom and Jerry Chase APK 5.4.31 Free Download Latest Version

Tom and Jerry Chase APK 5.4.31
  • Updated
  • Version 5.4.31
  • Requirements Android Android 2.3+
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  • Genre NetEase Games
  • Google Play
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The Tom and Jerry show was released in March 2000 but it’s still popular today. It’s still showed worldwide today and still loved by millions. Because of its simplicity and funny antics, this show completed many people’s childhood. During its decades of existence, it has spawned countless movies and even games!

If you miss the nostalgic and classic show, then prepare to be amazed by Tom and Jerry Chase! This impressive game faithfully recreates the classic art style of the original show. Aside from that, you can play as Jerry or as Tom in a wild game of chase! Recreate classic scenes from the show and relive your childhood in this awesome game!

A Classic Game of Chase

If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, then there’s a big chance that you watched the legendary show Tom and Jerry! After all, it’s such an iconic show that has allowed many movies, spin-offs and games to be released back then. If you’re a fan of this show and you’re missing it now, then this game is for you!

Tom and Jerry Chase is a popular game with over a million downloads developed by NetEase Games. A casual game that pits 1 vs. 4 players that faithfully recreates the iconic chases of the show – this one is a game for the books! Here, you can play as Jerry who will need to steal the cheese or Tom who’s in charge of preventing that from happening. Play with and against millions of players worldwide in this interesting game of tag!

Features of Tom and Jerry Chase

Tom and Jerry Chase is a nostalgic classic game that lets you play as Tom or Jerry in a legendary game of tag! Here are its features:

Classic gameplay – When we look back at early 2000s, we were blessed with funny and memorable cartoons that made our childhoods more fun. They were the ones who stood by us when we had bad times and the ones who made weekends worth looking forward for. To celebrate an incredible show, Tom and Jerry Chase was made by NetEase Games. In here, everything was preserved even the iconic art style! In here, you will play as Tom or Jerry in a classic game of tag. Play as Jerry and go through every nook and crannies to steal the most-coveted cheese! If you’re Tom on the other hand, you need to stop Jerry from stealing it! Hilarity and fun ensue as you play against millions of players worldwide!

Multiplayer – In Tom and Jerry Chase, you will never feel alone – literally! This is because you’re going to be playing against millions of players around the world. Play as a cat or a mouse against random players around the world that enjoy the same game as you. Can you work together and steal the cheese? Or will you be able to stop the mice from stealing it?

Nostalgic graphics – NetEase Games made sure to faithfully recreate the game complete with the art style that the original cartoon had! The game is in 2D so you will see some familiar furniture, buildings and more! Everything in here is designed just like in the cartoons that many fans love!

Tons of characters – In here, you can play as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Lightning! Each character is unique and has different skills. Aside from that, you can utilize different items inside the house to your advantage.

Different game modes – Tom and Jerry Chase features multiple game modes such as Classic Mode, Golden Key Match, Cheese Frenzy Match, Beach Volleyball and Fun with Fireworks! Each of these is unique and also features different maps!

Download Tom and Jerry Chase APK

If you’re itching to play a nostalgic game of tag, then Tom and Jerry Chase is for you! Download the latest version now.

Tom and Jerry Chase APK 5.4.31
Download Tom and Jerry Chase APK 5.4.31 Free Download Latest Version 

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