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Survival on Raft APK 1.213.4 Download the latest version

Survival on Raft APK 1.213.4 Download the latest version
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It’s time for you to survive in this open world RPG game. Travel the ocean on your raft and explore the world around you. All the while, protecting your raft from sharks and other dangers that may approach.

If you’re a fan of survival simulator games and RPG style elements, then definitely try this game out. Download Survival on Raft Ocean Nomad for Android now.

Survival Elements

In order to survive and succeed in the game, you’ll need to note the following aspects:

Utilize your hook to catch different resources: Tons of useful items will be floating around the ocean. Don’t miss your opportunity to obtain them all. Keep your hook ready at all times, you never know what useful items you’ll find next.

Craft different weapons and armor: You can’t have much luck protecting yourself, if you aren’t armed and ready for battle. Flesh is easy to crush and break, but a gun or two-handed weapon can turn the tides in an instant.

Keep your raft safe: Also, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the condition of your raft. Without any clear understanding of the space and quality, you’ll sink in an instant. Make sure to always expand your raft and keep it in the best possible condition to extend your survival.

Exploration: What exactly is awaiting you in the outside world? You’ll need to go out and explore for yourself. There are many different isolated islands with hidden secrets and treasure for you to unlock. On the other hand, some may also spell danger and even death. Be careful and proceed with caution.

Some Features in Survival on Raft

Here are a few features included when you choose the download game Survival on Raft:

  • First, you’ll have access to hundreds of different weapons and usable items to further your survivability.
  • The world is completely open for exploration. Feel immersed in the game as you explore different islands and on your own raft.
  • Speaking of which, you’ll need to build and constantly improve your own raft in order to continue surviving.

Controls and Interface

The controls are very easy to understand. The same can also be said for the user interface. All buttons and actions are displayed on your mobile screen. So, there never a moment of feeling lost or confusion. The two hand controls feel comfortable and natural, as you grip your mobile while playing.

The interface is also easy to read. You have an accessible inventory and menu to assist you at all times. Nothing is too difficult to locate or understand.


The graphics of the Survival on Raft game are quite decent. Everything is rendered in 3D, but nothing is too detailed. The visuals are distinguishable and everything looks natural for the world they’re in.

Although, these graphics are nothing to write home about, they still get the job done. You can blame them, for such an expansive game available on mobile devices, it makes sense.

Survival on Raft Ocean Nomad APK Free Download

Also check out the modified version of the game for some additional features, not present in the original. Some of these added benefits could include:

  • Unlimited Coins: increase when spent

With these additions, you are sure to survive for a long time coming. Review you resources, explore the land, and continue to build your raft!

Survival on Raft APK 1.213.4 Download the latest version
Download Survival on Raft APK 1.213.4 Download the latest version 

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