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Sandbox APK 0.3.2 Download – Latest version for Android

Sandbox 3D APK 0.3.2
  • Updated
  • Version 0.3.2
  • Requirements Android Android 4.1+
  • Developer
  • Genre Catsbit Games
  • Google Play
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The popularity of 3D open world games has boomed over the past years. Thanks to the success of Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, we can play a lot of these games now. But even if there are have been a lot of these games published over the years, there are still unique ones every now and then.

Sandbox 3D is a simulation game created by Catsbit Games. The style of this game is similar to Grand Theft Auto games but it also borrows some elements from Minecraft. Because in here, you can freely explore a vast world. Then, you can build a lot of things from buildings, houses to cities! Entertain yourself with funky characters and vehicles! There’s more to this game than meets the eye – you just need to find it out for yourself.

An Open World of Awesomeness

The 3D open world genre wasn’t new. It was in fact an element to MMOR RPG games. But the GTA franchise is the one who truly took it up a notch. Then came Minecraft where the building system was introduced. Years later and we now have plenty of these games.

One of the best games in this genre is Sandbox 3D. In this game, there are no stories or missions – just pure fun! You can freely explore the 3D world in here and create your own. You can create cars, items and buildings in here easily thanks to the Minecraft-like building system. Aside from that, you can play as one of the 10+ characters and explore the vast world!

Features of Sandbox 3D

The 3D open world genre is littered with popular games now such as Minecraft and Roblox. Among the fastest-growing game is Sandbox 3D. Here are its features:

A unique blend of games – 3D open world games aren’t really new. They are an integral element in a lot of open world games back in the day mainly fantasy ones. But today, we mostly see this in games such as GTA and Minecraft. In Sandbox 3D, you get the best of both worlds as the game borrows a lot of elements from successful ones. Here, you can freely explore a vast world designed with huge buildings and colorful attractions. You can create your world and enjoy the world all to yourself! There are no missions or stories to bother you. Just a dude having fun all on his own.

Building system – This game borrows elements of the building system from Minecraft. In here, you can create tons of items and vehicles. There are over 10 vehicles you can easily create in here to explore the world. Then, there are over 150+ items in your inventory that you can use. There are no rules or stories in this game, you can build anything you want! No need to abide by the rules if you can play as wild as you want!

Characters and locations – Here, you can also play as over 10 characters that will allow you to enjoy. There are characters such as robots and more! There are also 5 locations in here that you can enjoy such as the Desert, Speedway, Military base, Football Field, and the Modern City.

Graphics – In terms of graphics, you’ll appreciate the 3D world that this game offers. Here, the game is fully-designed with elements that are borrowed from other popular games.

2 Game modes – There are 2 main game modes in this game: public and private mode. In the public mode, everyone can create and delete all the objects. And in the private mode, everyone can create objects but only the owners can delete them.

Sandbox 3D APK

Sandbox 3D is an awesome 3D game that allows you to freely explore the world. Download the latest version now.

Sandbox 3D APK 0.3.2
Download Sandbox APK 0.3.2 Download – Latest version for Android 

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