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Pokémon Masters Apk 2.28.0 Download the latest version

Pokémon Masters APK 2.28.0
  • Updated
  • Version 2.28.0
  • Requirements Android Android 5.0+
  • Developer
  • Genre DeNA Co.
  • Google Play
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Pokemon Masters is a new game from DeNa Co Ltd and offers fans of the franchise the opportunity to dive into a totally new world, Pasio. Structured around competitive 3v3 battles in an arena-style, Pokemon Masters brings everything you love about Pokemon and more to your Android phone. Have you got what it takes to become the ultimate master? Train alongside your friends, take part in thrilling Co-Op gameplay, and explore a brand new world.

Taking lots of inspiration from the main Anime series, the graphics style and gameplay is much like the well-loved Pokemon games from Nintendo. While some of the gameplay mechanics are different (you’ll notice the difference in combat), the game still feels like a Pokemon game. All the classic creatures are available, from Pikachu to Charizard, as well as some new faces from the fresh generation games.

Best Features of Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a somewhat simplified game compared to the Nintendo classics, but it still works very well as a mobile game. There is quite a lot of grinding for materials (you’ll need this to unlock gear and capture new Pokemon, as well as level your existing team) but this is to be expected from a mobile game in the 21st century. Thankfully, the 3v3 is a lot of fun, and the co-op play is a great way to pass the time with your friends.


There are no stamina limits to how much you can battle in Pokemon Masters, and if you wanted you could play for 24 hours straight and ace the game in a day. This means you can also tackle the game’s grinding for materials at your own pace – it could take some time, or you could take part in the microtransactions to boost the time.

The actual battles have a new mechanic – you plan out your moves before you attack, and each trainer and their Pokemon have limited moves. This introduces a bit of strategy into the gameplay.

The Pokemon

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without the Pokemon, and there are plenty to catch and see in the world of Masters. Set in a brand new region, the Pasio Region, you’ll likely come across many familiar faces.

This includes trainers who you’ll recognise from the original Anime and many who have never appeared in the games for other devices such as the Switch or Gameboy. Got what it takes to Catch Em All? It’s definitely possible in Pokemon Masters.

Gacha Mechanics – Is It The Pokemon Way?

To make your way through the Pokemon Masters world there are a few gacha/loot box mechanics. These offer you all sorts of crafting materials, extra upgrades for your Pokemon, and other cosmetic stuff. Completing story missions does reward you with a good amount of jewels, which means you can still have fun with the game even while you don’t spend any money. These jewels are used to purchase spins, and these spins are what rewards you with different items.

Playing Online

A unique aspect of Pokemon on mobile is the ease of being able to play online with your friends around the world. Multiplayer was always a bit of a struggle in Pokemon titles leading up to the more recent innovations for Switch, but it’s very simple on mobile due to the almost guaranteed connectivity of all Android phones.

You can play on your data as it doesn’t use much, although Wi-Fi is obviously faster. This means you can battle with your friends wherever you are!

Pokemon Masters APK

Unlock everything with unlimited gems in Pokemon Masters, the easiest way to progress quickly through the Pasio Region.

Pokémon Masters APK 2.28.0
Download Pokémon Masters Apk 2.28.0 Download the latest version 

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