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Planet Smash Mod APK 0.2.8 (Unlimited Money) Download Free

Planet Smash Mod APK 0.2.8 (Unlimited Money) Download Free
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An In-Depth Description of Planet Smash MOD APK

Blow up planets for no reason but your thrill with Planet Smash MOD APK 10. Different mobile games have unique gameplays and storylines, but here’s a game you play as an astronaut traveling through space and destroying other planets across the galaxy.

Planet Smash MOD APK Android is a casual recreation mobile game where players build spaceships, fly around the galaxy discovering new planets, and use weapons such as guns, lasers, missiles, rockets, and other machines to destroy these worlds.

Developers of this game are constantly upgrading it with new game features so that they can find the Planet Smash MOD APK best version, but it didn’t take long after its first release to become an instant hit. As soon as the game was released, people fell in love with it, and it became a top-rated game globally, with thousands of people playing and more people downloading it. Everyone wants to get a taste of this addictive game.

You can get the game immediately and start having fun. It is a free game, and you don’t have to worry about paying a subscription fee before downloading and playing it. What are you waiting for? The Planet Smash MOD APK free download is available, and whenever you are ready, you can start blowing up planets.

It was initially released on the 30th of August, 2022, and Hello Games Team offers it. There is barely any violence or explicit blood scenes in this game, so there isn’t any real restrictions on age. It is a game that everyone can play. Although, it is advised to make sure you install the Planet Smash MOD APK latest version, as previous versions don’t contain the new features and improvements that the new one does.

Playing the game is straightforward. There are no complex keys or an on-screen gamepad, and it is just tapping the screen repeatedly to fire weapons at the planets. The operations aren’t complicated, and you can understand them immediately.

The game has different levels and many planets you can enjoy destroying. So, players will always be engaged. This is an exciting game to play whenever you are bored.

Fun Gameplay And Concept on Planet Smash MOD APK

This game has a huge fan base, and people absolutely love playing it. It is fair to say that this game is addictive. That is no surprise, as the game has very excellent and exciting gameplay.

The main objective of this game is upgrading your spaceship with different weapons and machines, traveling across space, and destroying every planet, you pass.

The primary purpose of destroying these planets is to collect energy from them or other valuable items that can help your spaceship. When you successfully destroy them, you are given bonuses such as cash that you can use to buy new upgrades for your spaceship and even build new ones. Note that the amount of prizes is dependent on the size of the planet that you are destroying.

The gameplay isn’t just firing missiles, and there are different skills that you can use to blow up the planets in a quicker manner. You will notice on the screen other systems can be used to play better. They’re initially locked, but as you keep playing, they’re unlocked one by one.

As you advance in the game, after every 10 planets you destroy, you face a bigger and stronger one called the boss planet. These boss planets can attack and destroy your spaceship, so they aren’t like the regular planets you face. But the cool thing about fighting against them is that when you kill them, you are given more significant rewards.

There are many cool things you can do while playing with its different game features, but the mod version offers you an entirely new gaming experience. The mod features unlimited money, which you can use to purchase practically all the items and upgrades in the shop. That way, you will become unstoppable.

The visual system in this game is also excellent. It is a two-dimensional game with exemplary drawings and illustrations of the planets and weapons used. There is also a great sound system with nice effects when your weapons are fired and good background music while playing.

This game has exciting gameplay, and everyone who starts playing never wants to stop. So what are you waiting for? The Planet Smash MOD APK download is available, and you can start enjoying this game.

Planet Smash MOD APK Game Features:

This game has different features. Some of them include the following:

  • Different weapons:

One of the fascinating things about this game is the weapon system. Enjoy using these unique weapons to destroy the planets you pass by. As you play, it is vital to buy better weapons as it makes fighting bosses easier.

  • Upgrades:

There are different upgrades in the game, and you can use the money gotten after each battle to make upgrades on your spaceship. You can even buy new spaceships that you can use on your journey. As you advance in this game, it gets more challenging, so it is advised to keep on upgrading.

  • Daily rewards:

Daily rewards are given to players each time they log in to the game. These daily rewards can be cash prizes or different items. This pushes players to want to keep playing constantly.

  • Graphics:

This game is on a two-dimensional platform with proper drawings of the planets, spaceships, and weapons that are used in the game. The graphics in this game are beautiful as they make use of a proper mixture of colors that attract the eyes of players.

  • Earn coins:

You can earn coins in different ways, through normal gameplay by destroying planets, and the game also has a system that allows you to continually mine coins while offline. Imagine not playing and still earning multiple coins. These coins can be used to make purchases from the store.


Planet smash MOD APK is an exciting game that you can enjoy playing. There are different levels, and many weapons that you can use that will keep players engaged. The game also has vivid graphics.

Planet Smash Mod APK 0.2.8 (Unlimited Money) Download Free
Download Planet Smash Mod APK 0.2.8 (Unlimited Money) Download Free 

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