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Hybrid Animals Mod APK 200559 (Unlimited gems & diamonds) Download

Hybrid Animals Mod APK 200559 (Unlimited gems & diamonds) Download
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Mix together 2 different animals and create a powerful hybrid. Send them out to survive in different conditions within the wild. Download Hybrid Animals for Android.

Creating Your Own Hybrids

First, you’ll need to pick a father from the list of different animals of all different classes, genus, orders, and so on. Next, you will need to pick a mother from the same group.


Picking these two parents will ultimately determine what qualities are taken, and what exactly the child will look like. Once the final result has been displayed, you will have a choice to either add them to your list of different animals, or toss them.

Adding them to your list will allow you to use this new creature for a further mixture. What more could be created from mixing an already hybrid animal? The possibilities are endless with all of the different mixtures and parental resources given.


Each hybrid will have a set of stats that will determine how it performs in the wild. These stats are:


Damage: This will obviously determine how powerful your animal is. The higher the damage, the stronger your hybrid.

Health: Now, how durable is your mixture? Can they survive against predators? Do they have a long lifespan? Your health will determine how long your animal can sustain injury or damage.


Speed: How fast is your animal? How quickly can they travel?

Know Your Animals

Here is a list of some of the common animals you can use within the game:

  • Lion – The king of the jungle surely needs to be available in the list of different animals.
  • Goat – Not the strongest animal, but those hors could be useful.
  • Rhino – A powerful and large member to mix. Rhinos are always a good choice.
  • Bear – Besides hibernating, these powerful animals are always a great choice to use.
  • Pig – Additionally, these porkers are a pretty good choice, in certain situations.
  • Snake – Slither into action using these slippery and sneaky members of the animal kingdom.
  • Wolf – One of the most powerful hunters and pack leaders in the wild. Use these animals’ keen senses towards your advantage.
  • Giraffe – These long necked mammals would make some pretty weird looking offspring, no matter the partner.
  • Tiger – Another powerful choice. In fact, almost as powerful as the lion.
  • Human – Here is a pretty weird choice…Yes, you can mix a person with an animal. What type of abominations will be created with this choice?


There are many weird choices, including inanimate objects. With all of these different options, what will become of your end result creations? What type of crazy and hectic mixtures will be concocted throughout your play?


Hybrid Animals has some unique graphics. First of all, everything is displayed in 3D, which seems welcoming at first glance. However, that’s where the visuals take an odd turn – The models in the game take on a low polygon style. This makes every animal look more like a toy, than an actual creature.

In fact, this is a great way to present the game to players of all ages. If the style was too realistic, some of the animal combinations may come off as disturbing. We wouldn’t want to have anyone scared out of playing the game.


On another high note, the animations and quality of the graphics are all top notch. Everything is in HD which looks crisp and clean. At the same time, the frame rate is also smooth and steady.

Hybrid Animals Mod APK Free Download

With the modified version of the game you can also get:

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited diamonds

These additions will have you benefit greatly within the game. So, go ahead and choose the Hybrid Animals Mod APK latest version available here.

Hybrid Animals Mod APK 200559 (Unlimited gems & diamonds) Download
Download Hybrid Animals Mod APK 200559 (Unlimited gems & diamonds) Download 

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