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Hide ‘N Seek! Mod APK 1.9.14 (Unlimited coins) free Download 2023

Hide ‘N Seek! Mod APK 1.9.14 (Unlimited coins) free Download 2023
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Hide and don’t get caught – or try and find all the other players in the maze before the time is up. Download Hide ‘n Seek mod APK for Android to put your stealth skills to the test and avoid getting caught by the seeker.

Best game ever?

Who doesn’t remember games of Hide ‘N Seek in the schoolyard? It’s one of the most classic games out there that bought so much joy to us when we were kids. You can still play Hide ‘N Seek as an adult, although it’s not quite as fun as it was when you were just a kid.


But now you can enjoy the game of Hide ‘N Seek again on mobile. Sure, it doesn’t beat having the sun on your face and getting cut by thorns while you try and hide in a hedge, but it’s still a lot of fun and you can play it wherever you are.

Play Hide ‘n Seek APK

If you want to revisit your childhood, then try playing Hide ‘n Seek APK for Android – you can play it without your middle-aged colleagues thinking you’re a weirdo. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to play the real thing once you reach adulthood (unless you get everyone drunk first).


Hide ‘n Seek mod APK for Android is a simple 3D game where you and some other players online are in a maze and one of you is the seeker. It’s the same as the classic rules. If you get spotted, then you join the seeker, and everyone must try to evade getting caught for 30 seconds.

The seeker’s task isn’t easy. He’ll have a whole maze to search around and considering everyone else will be able to see him, he’ll have to outsmart them quickly. The seeker can’t see anyone, of course, but everyone can see him. This means that to play the game effectively as the seeker, you’ll need to keep moving and changing directions to catch out those hiding.


Maze map

The map is a large maze that offers plenty of cover. This makes it a lot easier for the hiders to evade capture. But it also means that there are plenty of wrong turns to be made. Try to keep on your feet and don’t stay in one spot unless you really have to. The more you move around in the opposite direction of the seeker, the more likely you’ll avoid getting seen.

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You could always play the game a little differently and try to move closer to the seeker at the beginning of the round – in this way, you’ll be less likely to arise suspicion (why would he suspect you’d go towards him?). Still, this is very risky seeing as you’ll potentially be caught very quickly.


Online play

You can play online against other people from all around the world. Unfortunately, you can’t invite your friends to play just yet, but considering a lot of people have requested this feature, we’re expecting it to be added sometime in the future. Playing against other players makes the game feel more like the real thing, whereas playing against AI seems to feel somehow false and easier. Challenge the world and show off your skills at not getting caught by getting a streak.

Hide ‘n Seek Mod APK – Unlimited coins

Ready? Found your hiding spot? Let’s go then. Download Hide ‘n Seek APK for Android now to get in on the fun and games and challenge real people from around the world to super-fun games of hide and seek in a giant maze with plenty of places to disappear. What are you waiting for? Download the game now. Enjoy!

Hide ‘N Seek! Mod APK 1.9.14 (Unlimited coins) free Download 2023
Download Hide ‘N Seek! Mod APK 1.9.14 (Unlimited coins) free Download 2023 

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