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Hellrider 3 APK 1.32 Download for Android

Hellrider 3 APK 1.32
  • Updated
  • Version 1.32
  • Requirements Android Android 5.0+
  • Developer
  • Genre Anji Games
  • Google Play
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The town is full of danger and gangbangers. It’s up to you to serve justice in the streets as you ride along completing missions. This is Hellrider 3.

Pick your hero. You have a choice between the man, Jay or the woman, Bay. Decide which will lead your story through the world of hardcore bikers, violence, and criminals. Download Hellrider 3 for Android.

How to Play

Ride through the city completing various objectives. You’ll need to fight bandits as you go through and progress.

Additionally, there are many perks and customization option to personalize your biker. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the immersive experience.


Stats will determine how well you perform during specific missions. As you progress, you will be able to upgrade more of your stats.

Look over them and make sure to manage your rider the best way you see fit.

  • Life: First, your life is pretty straight-forward. The more life you have, the longer you will last from taking damage.
  • Shield: Your shields will allow you to keep up shields for longer. This is useful for avoiding damage during playthroughs.
  • Sustainability: The more sustainability that you have, the more your bike can maintain its condition. Another useful stat.
  • Bullet: Next, are your bullets. The more you upgrade this specific stat, the more shots can be fired from a gun.
  • Damage: Now, damage will determine how much effect your bullets will have on your enemies.
  • Sight Time: This stat will allow you to aim for longer with your weapons. The more you upgrade this, the longer it will take to time out.
  • Speed: Obviously, the more speed you have, the faster you ride through the streets. Furthermore, the faster you can catch up to bandits.
  • Nitro: Lastly, your nitro will determine how fast your boost will take you. The more nitro, the farther you’ll go and faster you can make it to your objectives.


The way the game controls is also very easy to understand. The user interface is quite accessible for players of all ages. In fact, there aren’t any controls displayed on the screen. All actions are done through tapping on your screen in the right places.

Tapping on the left or right side of the screen will have you move along the road. Additionally, when you have gun ammo or a bomb, you can tap onto the screen towards you enemies to blast them away. It’s really that simple.


The game is displayed in a somewhat cartoony art style. Everything is in 3D, making the game seem a little more immersive, in a sense.

Although, the quality of 3D is just about decent. There isn’t necessarily anything to write home about, but that doesn’t change the overall experience of the game.

Hellrider 3 APK Download

And of course, when choosing an APK to download, the modified version is always the right way to go. Why? Well, that’s simple – you get quite a few extra benefits by getting this adaptation of the game. Anyone who’s looking to get ahead faster would choose this version over the original.

As such consider the following added benefits when choosing the modified file:

  • Hellrider 3  APK free shopping
  • Condensed file size for less data usage and a faster installation

With these added benefits, it should obvious which version of the game you should download. So, stop wasting time, head to the streets now and kick some bandit butt! Click the download game Hellrider APK to get started.

Hellrider 3 APK 1.32
Download Hellrider 3 APK 1.32 Download for Android 

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