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Hair Dye Mod APK (Unlimited coins) Download for Android

Hair Dye Mod APK (Unlimited coins) Download for Android
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A lot of people spend a lot of money on their looks regularly especially if their job entails it. They try to cut their hair, dye it, straighten them and more to get them that look that they want. But if you’re someone who loves doing these things, then you could try a job in the salon shop! Test out your skills now in Hair Dye as you cater to many customers who needs to have their hair cut and their hair color changed. There are so many combinations you can do today!

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If you have a passion for hair styling, this could be the game for you. Here, each client will have a preferred style, hair length and hair color that you’ll need to do for them. As you get more clients and earn more money, you can slowly upgrade your salon by upgrading the equipment, wall, and many more. Try to style a lot of hair today and earn your reputation.

Be A Hairstylist

There are so many things you can do with your hair today to make them look elegant and pretty. Most boys just get a haircut and some even dye their hair. But the girls can do so many styles with their hair since it’s one of their assets. If you’ve wanted to have your own salon, then this is the best chance you have at doing so. Enjoy your time as a hairstylist today in Hair Dye as you cater to plenty of clients.

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Here, each client will require a unique hair color, style, and length. You must follow the instructions on the screen well so you can service your client’s needs well! If you do, then you can get more clients and earn more money today so you can upgrade your salon as well. Here, you can change the wall décor, equipment, and more! Try to service as many clients as possible today and take on the challenge of becoming the best hairstylist in the country.


If you love hairstyling, this is the perfect game to play. Complete all the levels and be a certified hairstylist.

Hair Dye Features

We all need to get our hair cut once in a while. But some go even further and change their style and color. In Hair Dye, you can service these customers!

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Become the Ultimate Hairstylist – If you want to become the best hairstylist today, you need to have the skills and experience. This line of job requires patience, skills and a deep understanding of hair. But if you think you have what it takes to become the best hairstylist, why not try playing Hair Dye? Published by Crazy Labs by TabTale, this game lets you have your own salon where many people come to you. Each day, you’ll face unique clients with their own requests.

They may ask you to cut their hair with their preferred length, preferred color and style! You will also need to rinse their hair so it comes out pretty today. Can you fulfill the requests of your customers today so you can become a certified stylist? In this game, your income depends on how accurately you can fulfill the requests of your clients. As you earn more money, you can unlock more hair styles, upgrade your equipment and more.


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Service Different Requests – Each day, there are new customers that come into your salon to get their hair fixed. Here, you’ll need to use your expertise to cut their hair according to their preferred haircut. Cut along the lines accurately today and then you can also dye it according to the color they want. Next, you’ll also need to wash their hair with shampoo and water and then you’ll finish it by hot ironing it. There are many clients today that are waiting for you to service them1

Many Levels – In this game, there are different levels of work that you need to achieve. As you progress, you’ll face tougher requests that will require more expertise and skills. But, if you complete them, you can get more money that you can use for a variety of things.

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Upgrade Equipment – As you cater to more clients each day, you can earn more money here. If you earn more money, you can unlock new hair styles! Then, you can also upgrade your equipment, add more equipment and upgrade other things in your salon. This game lets you enjoy the full benefits of owning a salon today!

Fun Controls and Graphics – Enjoy a realistic salon experience today complete with cutting, dying, washing and ironing. You’ll be able to realistically control everything here by hand!

Hair Dye Mod APK – Unlimited coins

If you enjoy hairstyling, this is the ultimate game for you! Download Hair Dye now become the best hairstylist!

Hair Dye Mod APK (Unlimited coins) Download for Android
Download Hair Dye Mod APK (Unlimited coins) Download for Android 

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