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EVE Echoes APK 1.9.69 Free Download Latest Version 2023

EVE Echoes APK 1.9.69
  • Updated
  • Version 1.9.69
  • Requirements Android Android 5.1+
  • Developer
  • Genre NetEase Games
  • Google Play
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Learn the basics of Eve. Create a life of your own. Live the way you want to in the vastness of space. The amount of opportunities within Eve Echoes is limitless.

Go ahead and download the game now to experience a great MMO game to enjoy with other players from all around the world.

Begin Playing Eve Echoes

To start Eve Echoes, you will need to choose your race. In Eve Online, each race has specific abilities that correspond to that specific race. But as of now, that is not the case in this game. The only thing affected is the ship tree you begin with. So, you can go ahead and choose whatever race makes you feel most comfortable.

You will be introduced to the tutorial once you’ve finished your character creation. Although, you can begin the tutorial on your own time. From this point, you can get yourself comfortable with the game.

One small issue would be the familiarity with Eve Online. Those who aren’t already familiar with the predecessor game may find some issues understanding or getting used to this adaption.

Eve Echoes Features

Will this game live up to its expectations? How well will it do in comparison to its parent game? For now, all we can do is look at the Eve Echoes features and judge for ourselves.

So, here is a list of all of the benefits and characteristics of the newly released game:

  • Explore an immersive and online sandbox world. Play this fun Sci-Fi style game in the parallel New Eden. Eve Echoes is inspired by Eve Online, but in a new light for mobile players to enjoy.
  • Travel through more than 8000 different star systems. Pick your own playstyle or jo in the game. Anyone can specialize in whatever field they feel the most comfortable in. This can correlate to combat, trade, exploration, and more jobs.
  • Browse through and try out more than 100 special ships. Not only are there more than one hundred different ships for players to sink their teeth into. But, there are also tons of different skins to add even more personality to your ride.
  • Also, engage yourself in the online PvP onslaughts. Join up to 100 players in large-scale battles that extend across the solar systems.
  • Experience and even control the community economy. Trade with other players and make some serious cash. Distribute, trade, and improve the use of various resources for players to purchase from you.
  • Join alliances and fleets with other players. Join a group of others and work your way through various territories to claim for yourselves.
  • Finally, create your own story. The amount of experiences is endless when playing eve Echoes. You create your own story. Although, there is one thing to note: Always make sure to have as much fun as you can.

These are just the beginning of a long line of new features to be added. The game is still fresh and still needs time to stretch its wings a little. Once Eve has seen some more experiences and players, there are bound to be tons of additional updates.


For the most part, the graphics are pretty decent. Your ship is displayed in 3D over a plain background. The animations are pretty much nonexistent.

Although, you can move the camera around to view more of the solar system, though the graphics are still decent.

Nonetheless, the game is still looks pretty good and can be enjoyed by many different people. The only issue is how plain the backgrounds can look.

EVE Echoes APK 1.9.69
Download EVE Echoes APK 1.9.69 Free Download Latest Version 2023 

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