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Brain Wash APK 1.34.0 Download – Latest version for Android

Brain Wash APK 1.34.0
  • Updated
  • Version 1.34.0
  • Requirements Android Android 4.4+
  • Developer
  • Genre SayGames
  • Google Play
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Puzzle games are among one of the most popular games around today. Even though they aren’t as popular or as many as FPS and adventure games, they’re still played by millions of people worldwide. These games continue to be developed and optimized for mobile gamers of today.

Brain Wash may not sound like a puzzle game but it’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss! This masterpiece by SayGames is backed up by more than a million people saying that the game is interesting! And it really is because each level is curated with the maximum enjoyment in mind. In ever level, you’ll need to find the problem and fix the problem by either swiping the screen or doing something else. In any case, the faster you can solve the levels, the more you can play!

A Brain Teaser Like No Other

 When you look at puzzle games, they are always played by a lot of people since they usually present unique gameplays and graphics. Games of today have evolved beautifully making puzzle games a work of art. Because of this, there are plenty of games being made in this genre every month.

One of the most enjoyable puzzle games today is Brain Wash. Here, you’ll find what’s wrong in every level. It could be figuring out what country the picture represents or finding the hidden objects. Whatever it is, there are so much to solve in this game. This one combines a lot of puzzle elements that you can find in other games. Because of this, you can enjoy this game as many times as you like.

Features of Brain Wash

 Brain Wash is an amazing game that allows you to play a bunch of puzzles inside one game! Aside from that, be prepared to be captivated by the colorful graphics in this game. Here are its features:

A lot of puzzles – The most popular puzzle games today feature unique gameplays. But there’s not a game that beats out many other puzzle elements crammed into one! That’s exactly the case in Brain Wash. A game that’s been downloaded a million times in Google Play Store, this one is work of art. Here, there are hundreds of levels that you can conquer. Each level is equipped with a unique puzzle that you need to solve. It may be finding the picture, moving some objects, choosing the right hats and more! There are so much to love in this game.

Unique gameplay – Puzzle games today no longer just comprise of the classics such as Tetris or Chess. Nowadays, developers are looking for new ways to make puzzle games suit a lot of ages. And Brain Wash is the perfect example of what a puzzle game should be. It comprises of different elements that you can find in other puzzle games. But it incorporates them all in a seamless gameplay.

 Vivid graphics – Combine all the features you’ve read so far into a clean and colorful graphics and you get Brain Wash! You’ll appreciate the different art styles that you can find in here. There is cartoon, abstract, vector and more. Each level is designed such that it represents the game to the highest level. This means that you’ll enjoy the colorful graphics as you solve the puzzles.

 Easy controls – Since this is a puzzle game, you need to figure out things at first. Depending on the level, you may need to swipe, hold and do all sorts of things in your screen.

Hints – Sometimes, you may not be able to solve a level no matter how hard you try. In those cases, the Hints will help you solve the level easily! Just watch a video ad so you can access a hint.

Brain Wash APK

Brain Wash is a spectacular puzzle game that allows you to play many small puzzle games! Download the latest version now.

Brain Wash APK 1.34.0
Download Brain Wash APK 1.34.0 Download – Latest version for Android 

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