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Bomb Squad APK 1.7.16 Download – Latest version for Android

Bomb Squad APK 1.7.16 Download – Latest version for Android
  • Updated
  • Version 1.7.16
  • Requirements Android Android 4.4+
  • Developer Eric Froemling
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Get ready for a super addicting and satisfying display of mayhem and destruction. Welcoming to your Android screen – Bomb Squad for Android. In this game, your objective is to blow your opponents to smithereens, while completing various tasks.

However, despite the name, bombs are not the only way to attack others. There are dozens of different weapons and methods of offence while you play. Discover all of the different ways and ultimately claim victory over the other.

You can play with friends or online with various people from around the world. However way you choose to play, you’ll still enjoy the experience 100%. Anyways, with that being said, download Bomb Squad for Android free and jump into epic head to head matches.

The Rules of the Game

Basically, you will be pit with others in a no holds barred mini-games to compete and see who is the better contending player. This mini-games can range from capturing a flag from other players, to soccer and other fun sports activities.

There is one twist involved. You have weapons at your disposal to incapacitate the other person. Many, many different weapons. You can use bats, bombs, and even mines to destroy the other. The game is utter chaos and destruction. A suitable game for those who like to play competitively with their friends.


The game also controls rather well. Action-packed competitions can be enjoyed through various different interfaces. You can use a variety of compatible controllers on your Android mobile device. Even better, if you don’t have a controller, you can still use your phone screen!

The interface is simple and easy to understand. Even without a controller, you’ll still be able to play smoothly. That’s a relief, considering there will be a lot of action on the screen meant to distract you from your opponent.


Bomb Squad looks good. Everything is displayed with a cleverly placed camera angle to see all the action at once. What’s more, everything is also in 3D. The art style is more cartoony, to match the general theme of the game. As a more fun and chaotic game like this would seem a little too serious if the style was more realistic and life-like.

Bomb Squad APK Free Download

You can even download the APK version of the game for a few added benefits. With these, you can get ahead of your friends and catch them off guard with your amazing skills. Once they see how much more of an advantage you have over them, they’ll definitely want to join in downloading this version.

As such, the addition comes with the following features:

  • Shop unlocked

Now, you know what the clearly superior version of the game is. While you’re at it, you can even share this information with your friends to play on equal terms. Try out all of the characters and weapons together and claim your favorites.

Note: If you have any problems downloading and installing the APK, there’s a quick fix. For your Android to accept the file and continue installation, you will need to allow “Unknown Sources” on your device.

Additionally, you can follow the guide on how to install APKs to your device. It will explain everything step by step.

Bomb Squad APK 1.7.16 Download – Latest version for Android
Download Bomb Squad APK 1.7.16 Download – Latest version for Android 

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