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Bit Heroes APK 2.4.410 Free Download – Latest version for Android

Bit Heroes APK 2.4.410
  • Updated
  • Version 2.4.410
  • Requirements Android Android 2.3+
  • Developer
  • Genre Kongregate
  • Google Play
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An epic dungeon crawling Action RPG game to play solo, or even with friends. Join in on the amazing experience by collecting loot, raising monsters, leveling your hero and making allies. Download Bit Heroes for Android devices now.

Aspects of the Game

Game Modes:

When selecting a stage, you are given the option to select your difficulty. Here is a list of the different options and what they offer

Normal Mode: offers no bonuses to your gameplay experience. This mode is definitely for casual players

Hard Mode: allows for nearly double rates of looting and experience. This mode offers a slight challenge for players who are already at an intermediate level of the game.

Heroic Mode: doubles every aspect of Hard Mode. Of course, this is the most challenging game mode, thus seasoned and experience players are the only ones who can survive.

Bit Heroes Currencies

Within the Bit Heroes game, there are different forms of currencies to be used. Some may be more difficult to acquire than others. Either way, you can obtain all of these different forms of credit, simply by playing the game.

Here is a list of the various currencies in-game:

Gems: This is the micro-transaction integrated into the game. You can buy many different things with gems. Although, gems themselves are quite expensive, you can still obtain quite a few gems through casually playing every day.

Gold: Gold can be used to upgrade all of your equipment. Additionally, you can use this currency to fuse “familiars”, or duplicate items.

Energy: Energy is used to join quests and mission. Each activity will cost a specific amount of energy. You will start with around 100 energy when you start the game. As you continue to level through the game, your energy amount will gradually increase.

PvP Tickets: Lastly, PvP tickets are used in order to join multiplayer events.

Additional Features

  • Join the retro style pixel-bit dungeon crawling action RPG game!
  • There are six different areas with more than 70 levels, each of which are random generated. There is always a fresh experience when entering a dungeon.
  • There are dozens of different loot pieces for you to collect, combine, mix and match!
  • Also, there are tons of different and interesting pets for players to equip with them on their quests. These range from organic and inorganic objects, like a pizza.
  • Additionally, you can capture over 100 different creatures and monsters for your team. Even go a step beyond by evolving all of your allies.
  • Online multiplayer features are also a great way to keep the game fun and exciting for you. Invite your friends over to team up and handle super-difficult dungeons and raids. In fact, you can create a guild of powerful players to conquer any challenges that may come your way.
  • Speaking of the guild, players can share and socialize with each other using the World and Guild Chat features. Stay active with your mates and discuss strategies and secrets with each other to progress together.

Download Bit Heroes APK for Free – Latest version

Go ahead and pick your version of the APK to download. Whether you choose to cheat or play fair, you’ll still be able to enjoy 100% of the fun dungeon crawler.

Bit Heroes APK 2.4.410
Download Bit Heroes APK 2.4.410 Free Download – Latest version for Android 

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