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Battle Legion APK 3.0.3 Download – Latest version for Android

Battle Legion - Mass Battler APK 3.0.3
  • Updated
  • Version 3.0.3
  • Requirements Android Android 4.4+
  • Developer
  • Genre Traplight Ltd.
  • Google Play
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Build the best army possible and head out for some idle action. Download Battle Legion for Android free to experience the fun.

Some Great Battle Legion Features

Take a look at why Battle Legion is such a great game for anyone to add onto their Android library. Besides the fact that the ability to build your own super-powerful and competent army, there are more aspects meant to keep players wanting more tie and gameplay.

With that being said, you can go ahead and take a peek at these awesome feature now:

  • Quick-paced combat will have you amazed at how fast a battle can actually last. These fights will last around 20 seconds or so, where your army goes all-out against whatever is in their way.
  • Additionally, you can enjoy some pretty chill gameplay. Build up your army layout and strategy beforehand. Afterwards, set out and let your soldiers do all of the fighting, while you sit back and enjoy the show.
  • The idle functions allow you to go out and about with your own personal business, while your army continues to fight for you on the small screen. Don’t worry about having to control every simple task, or staying focused on the screen throughout the entire battles. Your army has gotten things covered, so go out and grab a cup of coffee or watch a movie while they take care of business.
  • Upgrade your own units with the use of seasonal powers. These will give them a much needed boost during their outings on the battlefield.
  • Also, there are tons of different customization and cosmetic options in Battle Legion. You can change the looks of your soldiers, banners, and even the battlefield of your wars. Keep a nice personalized feel to each gameplay experience.
  • What’s more, you can enjoy some awesome PvP action! Take on of players from around the globe, or challenge your friends. This is a great way to learn different strategies and experience a new type of gameplay. Do you think you can handle the competition?
  • Constant updates are always keeping the game fresh as well. You can expect an update to the seasons on a bi-weekly basis. Every two weeks there’s a change that will keep you invested at all times.

User Interface

The controls and interface are as simple as can be for a game like Battle Legion Mass Battler. First of all, the game options and different menus are easy to navigate through. You will find no problem getting to where you need to be.

On another note, there are actually no real controls, once out in the battlefield. From this point, the game becomes idle. That means, you can watch the show as your built up army takes the wheel. They will proceed to dominate their opponents automatically without any input from your side.

Graphics & Animations

Battle Legion looks and feels great to play. The simply 2D graphics with an enjoyable art style make for a fun game. Players of all shapes, sizes, and ages will enjoy the experience. Likewise, the animations are smooth. The frame rate doesn’t seem to drop during gameplay, which is always a bonus.

Battle Legion APK Free Download

You can get your hands on the Battle Legion APK latest version for some more fun. There will be a few extra benefits added to the mix to spice up your gameplay.

So, grab the Battle Legion APK exploit to take a few steps ahead of the original. Build your army and take them out onto the field for some idle action.

Battle Legion - Mass Battler APK 3.0.3
Download Battle Legion APK 3.0.3 Download – Latest version for Android 

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